Need advice on how to write a Groom’s speech?

15 September, 2017

The groom’s wedding speech is a time to thank the guests for attending the wedding and to acknowledge close friends and family who have been unable to attend the big day for any reason. This is often said on the behalf of the groom himself and the new bride. The groom’s wedding speech can also give a special mention to both sets of parents, thanking them for all their help.

The Groom’s speech has to be sincere as well as be entertaining. It doesn’t have the scope for humour as the Father-of-the-Bride or the Best Man, and initially it looks like it is the easiest of the three speeches to write. Sometimes it can be the hardest because you have to tug at the heartstrings with words of love for the Bride. Be open and honest with your speech because it will show your new in-laws that someone of substance has joined the family. Make sure you print / write your speech onto cue cards and rehearse. The Groom’s speech should aim for around 5-10 minutes and remember that it may take longer to actually deliver your speech than when you rehearse it.

Delivering your Groom speech

1. Respond to the toast made by the Father-of-the-Bride and thank him for giving you his daughter’s hand in marriage.

2. Thank both parents for their welcome into their family (and for providing the wedding if that is the situation) and for giving their daughter so many characteristics you admire, respect and love in her. Assure them that you will not let them down in your charge to love and care for their daughter.

3. At this point your own parents need to be mentioned as well. Your mother probably needs more TLC than your father. Praise the way they brought you up, but also try and add in a humorous anecdote about an amusing event during your childhood. Give special mention to both your and your wife’s mothers; tell them how amazing they are.

4. Thank the Matron of Honour and/or Bridesmaids and propose your own toast to them.

5. Thank the Best Man and anyone who played a part in setting up the wedding.

6. Talk about how happy you are, thanks to your wonderful partner. This is the serious bit… it is time to talk openly and honestly about your new wife and how much you love her. Tell the story of how you first met, or perhaps something else from your relationship; just make sure you give this section some real thought. Talk from the heart and if you pull it off well the whole place will be in tears

7. Thank the guests for coming, and for their wishes.

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