Contrary to popular belief, bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to weddings. The magic of your special day is not determined by the number of guests you invite but by the cherished memories you create. Small weddings, with their intimate settings and personalised experiences, are rising in popularity.

The key to an unforgettable small wedding lies in selecting the right venue. This comprehensive guide will provide insights into the benefits of small weddings and help you navigate the path to choosing the ideal small wedding venue.

Home to a variety of intimate fairytale-style wedding venues, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley knows the power and beauty of the smaller wedding.

7 Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

Small weddings offer a variety of advantages that help in curating an event that is both beautiful and memorable. With fewer guests, couples can allocate more of their budget to elements like an exquisite menu, a more luxurious honeymoon, or bespoke decor.

It also opens up a wider array of venue options that might have been out of reach with a larger guest list.

Here are 7 benefits of having an intimate wedding in the heart of Hawkesbury.

Wedding tables decorated with white and crystal tableware

1. A More Personal Experience

The intimate setting of a small wedding facilitates deeper, more meaningful interactions with guests. This closer interaction makes guests feel genuinely appreciated and involved, fostering a sense of shared joy.

The intimacy enables you to share your love story more personally, making the day more memorable and enhancing the emotional connection between everyone present.

2. Typically More Budget-Friendly

Small weddings can offer more budget-friendly options compared to larger weddings. The reduced guest list significantly decreases costs associated with catering, venue rental, and decor.

In turn, it enables you to invest in elements you genuinely care about, such as a premium photographer or a designer dress. An intimate wedding not only helps to keep expenses in check but also enables strategic allocation of funds towards aspects that truly matter to you.

3. Small Weddings Offer More Flexibility

With fewer guests to cater to, you have the liberty to break away from traditional formats and explore unconventional, more personal ideas.

Whether it’s a themed decor inspired by a shared passion, a unique menu featuring your favourite cuisine, or a distinctive layout that facilitates close-knit conversations, the possibilities are endless.

This flexibility empowers you to craft a truly personalised experience, making your wedding a genuine reflection of your shared journey as a couple.

4. More Streamlined Planning

Managing a smaller guest list, fewer vendors and simpler venue requirements make the coordination process smoother and more manageable.

This reduced stress can contribute to a more enjoyable and relaxed engagement period, allowing you to savour every moment leading up to your big day. It gives you the space to focus on what truly matters — celebrating your love and preparing for the exciting journey of married life.

5. Contributes to sustainability

In an era where environmental consciousness is increasingly important, small weddings make a positive impact by consuming fewer resources and generating less waste.

Whether it’s the reduced energy usage from a smaller venue or fewer emissions from guest travel, every aspect of a small wedding contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. It also encourages less waste in terms of food and single-use decor.

6. Cultivates an Atmosphere of intimacy

A small, carefully chosen guest list naturally cultivates an atmosphere of intimacy and romance. This intimate setting, enveloped by your closest friends and family, fosters a feeling of warmth and shared joy that is difficult to replicate in larger settings.

It allows the celebration to revolve around genuine interactions and heartfelt moments, rather than formalities.

7. You Can Build A Unique Story

Unlike larger, more formulaic weddings, small weddings allow for distinctive elements that resonate with your personal story.

The unique combination of the venue, decor, menu, and even guest interactions all contribute to creating a wedding that is uniquely you.

This personal touch ensures that your wedding is not only a beautiful celebration of love but also a one-of-a-kind event that leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved.

How to Choose a Small Wedding Venue?

Self serve buffet wedding table outdoors

Choosing the right venue for your small wedding is all about balance — the balance between your dream vision and your budget, between the practical necessities and the aesthetic elements. With careful consideration and planning, you can find a venue that provides the perfect backdrop for your special day.

  • Location: Consider a location that’s convenient for your guests. If you have guests travelling from out of town, a venue within a hotel or near easy transportation can be a plus. Located just an hour from Sydney, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley provides the best of location, accessibility and scenic beauty.
  • Venue Size: The venue should comfortably accommodate your guest list, but also not be so large that it feels empty or overwhelming. Visit potential venues and try to envision your wedding day layout.
  • Style and Ambiance: Look for venues that align with the style and tone of the wedding you envision. Whether you’re leaning toward rustic, chic, elegant, or casual, the venue should enhance your theme, not clash with it.
  • Amenities: Assess what each venue offers in terms of amenities. Consider aspects like catering options, availability of audio-visual equipment for speeches or videos, on-site accommodations, and accessibility features for guests with disabilities.
  • Flexibility: Ask about the flexibility of the venue. Some venues offer various setups, allowing you to personalise the space. They may also have flexible timings, which can be helpful for setting up and taking down decorations.
  • Budget: Make sure to consider your budget. Some venues may offer all-inclusive packages that cover everything from catering to decoration, while others may only provide the space, leaving other arrangements up to you. Be sure to get a detailed breakdown of what’s included.

The Best Small Wedding Venues Near Sydney

Wedding tables outdoors under colourful lights

Lakeside Reception

Set against the serene backdrop of a tranquil lake, our Lakeside Reception is an idyllic venue that can accommodate up to 70 guests. This outdoor wedding reception venue offers a unique blend of natural beauty and romantic charm, providing the perfect setting for your intimate celebration.

Whether it’s dancing under a vast starlit sky or creating a cosy indoor-like ambience with a hired marquee, Lakeside Reception allows for a variety of setups to suit your preference.

The Woods

The Woods is beautifully set with 40 white garden chairs, a red carpet, and a signing table, ensuring a comfortable and elegant atmosphere for your ceremony.

The towering canopy of trees provides shade during the warmer months, while the romantic ceiling of fairy lights creates a magical ambience, especially for twilight ceremonies.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo Reception venue offers a harmonious blend of indoor comfort and outdoor aesthetics. As a beautiful conservatory-style room, the Gazebo features glass enclosures that allow for an abundance of natural light.

The changing hues and amber tones filtering through the glass panels as the day transitions into night create a magical ambience that promises an unforgettable experience.

At Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley, guests can take advantage exclusive elopement and intimate wedding packages –  designed to offer a beautiful and stress-free wedding experience. Additionally, there exists a variety of standard wedding packages, catering to a range of preferences from uncomplicated ceremonies to elegant and stylish celebrations.

Say I Do at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

Couple getting married in a chapel

Whether under the stars by a tranquil lake or in a conservatory-style room bathed in natural light, each couple’s special day is envisioned to reflect their unique desires. Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley invites couples to embark on their matrimonial journey within its premises, where the team is dedicated to helping create indelible memories for intimate and small-scale weddings.

From ceremony to celebration, enjoy everything you need for a magical day in one stunning location. Take your next step toward your special day today. Make an enquiry.