Planning and executing a successful corporate meeting is no small feat. In fact, it can be one of the most stressful things you’ll have to do in your role.  But, with the right preparation and strategy in hand, corporate meeting management and planning can be an amazingly productive investment.

Located just a 45-minute drive from central Sydney and nestled in the heart of the beautiful Hawkesbury Valley, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley caters to business meetings, corporate conferences, and work-based events. Discover an amazing selection of meeting rooms, function spaces and business facilities, both indoors and out – perfect for meetings of all sizes.

To help you kickstart your corporate business meeting planning in the best way possible, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

1. Choose an Accessible Location

When it comes to planning a successful corporate business meeting or event, location is key. Ideally, you want to opt for somewhere that’s within easy reach of a major city or business hub and provides all of the facilities and amenities you need to put on a professional meeting, conference or event. If you’re looking for a corporate meeting room near Sydney, then Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley checks all of these boxes and more.

The Hawkesbury Valley, located just one hour from Sydney, is an ideal location for a corporate meeting, as it offers both convenience and comfort. The venue is close enough to take advantage of the city’s vibrant atmosphere but far enough away to provide a tranquil setting. Plus, with its stunning views of rolling hills and lush greenery, it’s the perfect place to inspire creativity and collaboration.

Aside from its natural beauty, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley also boasts modern and stylish corporate meeting facilities designed to make your corporate meeting a success. From audio-visual equipment to high-speed internet access and onsite catering to a dedicated meetings and events planner,  you can feel confident that your meeting will go off without a hitch.

Seating Around Lakeside Firepit in Hawkesbury

2. Look For Breakout Spaces & Facilities

Breakout spaces provide attendees with the opportunity to connect in smaller groups and have meaningful conversations that may be difficult in larger settings. By offering areas that are designed for small group interactions, you can foster an environment of open dialogue and creative problem-solving. Leisure facilities, such as bars, restaurants, tennis courts, and golf courses give your attendees a chance to relax after long hours spent in meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Home to 8 hectares of landscaped gardens, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley also features a modern fitness centre, outdoor tennis courts and two golf courses –  the perfect place to host your next corporate meeting. Whether it’s networking post-meeting or enjoying a little bit of downtime, choosing a corporate meeting room that has access to breakout spaces, leisure activities and corporate meeting facilities can ensure maximum attendance is achieved.

Outdoors Meeting Venue with Umbrella and Gazebo

3. Plan Your Meeting In Advance

Planning ahead is key to hosting a successful corporate meeting. Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley offers a range of meeting and conference rooms, so it’s important to book your meeting room in advance to ensure you get the space you need. This will also give you time to plan and prepare for your meeting, making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

A few pointers to plan for include:

  • Determine the purpose and goals of the meeting.
  • Set a date, time, and location that works for all participants.
  • Create a detailed agenda, including topics to be covered.
  • Invite participants, including attendees, speakers, and facilitators.
  • Prepare any materials needed for the meeting, such as presentations, handouts, and agendas.
  • Consider scheduling breaks and any other activities to enhance the meeting’s flow and engagement.
  • Prepare a backup plan in case of unexpected events such as technical difficulties.
  • Confirm all details and arrangements with participants and the venue.

At Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley, our dedicated meetings and events planner can help take the stress out of planning. We offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of hosting a successful business meeting – from organising catering to coordinating lodging for attendees. Our team works with you to create the perfect atmosphere for your event and ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

4. Know the Number of Attendees

When it comes to hosting a successful meeting and performing the best corporate meeting management, size really does matter. Choosing an appropriate meeting room for the number of planned attendees is essential when it comes to ensuring that everyone is as comfortable and engaged as possible. If you pick a space that’s too small, your participants may feel cramped and distracted. Similarly, if you choose a room that’s too large, your meeting can feel disorganised and unfocused.

Our Executive Boardroom is finished in beautiful rosewood and comes with plush high-backed chairs, perfect for up to 14 people. Need more space? The Richmond Room and Windsor Room are able to accommodate between 50 – 250 people each. With 8 dedicated meetings and events spaces available, as well as onsite dining and outdoor options,  you’ll be sure to find a space that suits your needs.

Boardroom With Dark Table with Black Leather Chairs

5. Provide Regular Breaks & Refreshments

Refreshments provide an opportunity for attendees to take a break, refresh and recharge their mental energy so that they can remain focused and productive during the rest of the meeting. Regular breaks give everyone a chance to stretch their legs, enjoy something to eat and take some time to socialise with their colleagues – all of which can help create a more positive atmosphere in the room.

Whether you’re planning to provide in-room catering for your corporate meeting, are thinking about dining at Harvest Restaurant, or perhaps considering mid-meeting light bites and drinks at Barracks Bar – be sure to provide food and drinks for your guests. As a general rule, you should aim to take a break every two hours, with a longer break for all-day meetings to keep everyone happy.

Restaurant Tables & Chairs with Whisky Barrel

6. Consider The Timing of Your Meeting

Planning the timing of your corporate meeting is like planning a successful voyage – without the right timing and preparation, you won’t reach your desired destination. Timing is key when it comes to meetings – you want to ensure that the right people are available and that everyone has enough time to cover all the necessary topics. Additionally, taking into account factors such as individual schedules and deadlines can help prevent conflicts or distractions.

Careful planning of a corporate meeting can also help boost morale and productivity. When everyone involved knows what to expect, they’re more likely to be engaged in the conversation. By creating an efficient timeline, you’ll be able to ensure that all topics are addressed in a timely manner – helping create an environment of success for both your team and organisation.

7. Offer Comfortable Accommodation

When planning a corporate meeting, it’s considered a nice touch to provide comfortable accommodation for attendees so that their stay is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. At Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley, the only 4.5-star hotel in the region, guests can look forward to a memorable experience that is sure to make them feel at home. Take advantage of spacious guest rooms, plush beds, and ergonomic workstations that are perfect for catching up on work in between meetings or events.

Plus, with free Wi-Fi throughout the property, business travellers can stay connected while they’re away from home or the office. Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley also boasts an onsite bar and restaurant serving delicious cuisine, a fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment, tennis courts, golf courses and a pool – making it easy to squeeze in an early morning workout before starting your day.

Large Bed in White Room with Wall-Mounted TV

Bonus Tip – Save More with a Meeting & Event Package

Take advantage of maximum savings when planning a corporate meeting at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley with tailored packages available to suit all sizes of meetings, conferences or events. Discover exclusive meeting and event packages that offer a range of benefits that make planning your meeting easy and stress-free.

From our experienced meeting and events planners who are dedicated to making sure every detail is taken care of, to our crowd-pleasing dining and catering facilities and accommodation options, you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Make an inquiry or start planning your corporate meeting.